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Careington Care 500 Plan

Save 20 - 60% on dental work immediately

Best Value!

$20 non-refundable
processing fee applied to initial payment
  • Save on cleanings, dentures, root canals, crowns - even orthodontics!
  • Include parents, adult children or anyone living in your household
  • You can cancel in 30 days and receive a full refund, less your processing fee
  • Includes Free Vision Plan
  • Monthly Payment Option Available with $30 non-refundable processing fee:
  • 1 Members: $9.95
  • 2 Members: $14.95
  • 3+ Members: $17.95

See Exact Discounted Rates in Your Area

Procedure Average1 Price Your Price with
Careington Care 5002
You Save
Oral Exam $65 $16 75% off
Full Mouth X-Ray $162 $47 70% off
Cleaning $113 $34 69% off
Filling (amalgam, 1 surface) $180 $47 73% off
Crown: Porcelain + Noble Metal (ADA Code 2751) $1296 $526 59% off
Root Canal (ADA Code 3310) $915 $320 65% off
Complete Upper or Lower Denture $2174 $701 67% off
Simple Extraction (ADA Code 7140) $239 $60 74% off
(Adult or Children)
Up to $5000 (or more) Flat Discount 20% off
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1 Based on 80th percentile of the 2020 National Dental Advisory Service Comprehensive Fee Report.
2 Discounted Schedules are for General Dentists. All schedules vary based on location.

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What people are saying

"Took my son to the dentist today, it was only $103 for everything. Before I would have paid over $300!" Janet
"I have saved an incredible amount of money...about 50% each visit. For under $10/month it's a bargain!" Dave
"I saved over $1,000 with this plan.Thank you so much!" Blanca

Plan Advantages: Care 500

Pay Less For Major and Minor Procedures
  • Save 20% to 60% on exams, cleanings, dentures, root canals, crowns & more
  • Save 20% on all work done by a Specialist
  • Dentures available at huge savings
Your Plan is Available for Use Today
  • Use the plan immediately! No waiting or delays.
  • Gain access to one of the largest dental provider networks in the nation with the Care 500 Plan.
Low Cost Membership
Added Advantages
  • Include your parents and other family members.
  • Orthodontics included at no extra cost
EyeMed Vision Care Included At No Extra Cost
  • Includes over 40,000 participating locations nationwide, including:
    Target® Optical, LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, Sears® Optical, and many more.
  • Savings of 20% to 40% off the retail price of eyewear
  • Unlimited frequency on usage
  • Choice of any available frame
  • Laser vision correction savings
  • Includes eye exams, contact lenses, frames, lenses and add-ons
Get MedImpact Prescription Discount Plan FREE
  • Over 57,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walmart Pharmacy, Walgreens Pharmacy and many others
  • Save 15%-60% on generic prescription drugs, 15%-25% on name-brand drugs from the nation's leading pharmacies
  • Mail Order Pharmacy - Convenience and savings
  • Also receive discounts on over-the-counter medication with a written prescription from a prescriber
  • Average more on your maintenance medications using our convenient mail service
  • Prescription discount plan is currently unavailable in the state of Washington.