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About’s primary goal is to offer dental patients nationwide access to the Careington 500 Series Dental Plan, the most affordable, reputable and longstanding dental plan. works hand-in-hand with Careington International to provide the nation's #1 dental plan for thousands of agents, affiliates and new members at the lowest price per month.

About Careington International Corp.

Best-in-class discount plans

Careington partners with more than 40 leading companies and provider networks to deliver significant discounts on a wide array of health care and lifestyle services. The company's discount plans, which include pre-negotiated discounts on dental and vision care and prescription drugs, serve more than 8 million members nationwide.

Leading dental provider network

The Careington Dental Network is one of the fastest growing independently owned dental networks. Designed by two dentists, the Careington Dental Network provides patients with affordable dental care without interfering with the dentist-patient relationship. More than 64,000 providers offer Careington's discount plans nationwide.

Regulatory and compliance efforts

Careington's compliance and licensing department identifies ongoing regulatory requirements for all states to ensure that the company's discount plans are compliant with the most current legislation. Careington has certificates of authority and is registered as a Discount Medical Provider Organization in all states where required. Careington is also one of the founding members of the Consumer Health Alliance (CHA), which is responsible for establishing fair and ethical business practices in the discount health care industry and represents more than 28 million consumers. Careington is a board member of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations, a partner association of the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations.